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Propelled by Grace – Dr. Benny Prasad

Here’s a sneak peek about THE MOST TRAVELED INDIAN MUSICIAN in the world. He has travelled to over 189 countries as of November 2008. He has performed at various International events notably including the Opening Ceremony of 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. He has received an Honorary Doctorate for designing a unique Musical Instrument now known as the ‘Bentar’. He uses his powerful testimony & Music as tools for reaching out souls in every corner of the globe. Yes, we are talking about DR.BENNY PRASAD, the walking miracle (as the doctors call him ) ; who suffered from severe asthma which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he developed rheumatoid arthritis, 60 % lung damage and an immune system regularly failing him, which threatens his life even to this day.

Benny’s first guitar was a 12 String Reynolds made in Calcutta, India. It was a second hand 20 year old guitar which his grandmother Late Mrs. Leela Rajarathnam had purchased for Rs. 1000 (22 USD) given it to him as a gift (1995). Benny treasures the guitar and the early experiences a lot. Every time he plays this guitar he is humbled knowing where he started off and where God had brought him to. Benny Prasad has performed on this unique guitar to many Presidents, Parliaments, Universities and even prestigious events such as the Olympic Games-2004, FIFA World Cup-2006, Military World Games-2007.

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He believes that God’s power brought the most powerful change to his life. His achievements include performing before the crowds of the 2007 MILITARY WORLD GAMES, 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP and the 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES. In Jan. 2008 Benny was given a Hon. Doctorate for designing his guitar (BENTAR) as well as for his travels as a musician spreading the Good News to the needy and hopeless.

His debut album was called “I Surrender All” which was released in July 2000.He played the acoustic guitar and is accompanied by 10 violins, 4 violas and 2 cellos. His last music album “Tribute to the Unknown God” was released in 2008, a unique project that Benny had been working for about 4 years. A combination of Old Classic Hymns which Benny re-arranged with a combination of Jazz & Indian Classical in its musical style. His experimental nature is exposed with the usage of various instruments like Duduk, Saxophone, Double Bass, Various kinds of Flutes, Violin and many kinds of Indian string & percussive instruments etc in this album.

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6 years, 6 months and 22 days- that’s how long it took him to traverse the globe, performing in 250 countries along the way. His story is most inspiring- one of overcoming odds and ailments of the highest order and then proving to the world that music knows no limitations, no boundaries and no setbacks. His journey has taken him to the Athens Olympics and the Military World Games, where his performances have captured the imagination of millions the world over. Well-known for creating his own set of customized instruments, one being a 52 stringed guitar, Benny Prasad is one performance to look forward to.

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