Eight Octaves


Q?What is Eight Octaves ?

Eight Octaves was founded with a drive to promote original music in India where hundreds of great musicians go unnoticed. The organization dreams to bring these musicians together and share their music with the world.
Eight Octaves will offer a one-stop online portal, where you can check out Musicians and gigs in your town. Artists and bands will be able to register and create profile pages where they can share music, videos, photos and updates. Besides band management, there will be regular posts with band news & reviews of events, gigs, gear, albums etc. And the site will also feature forums and classifieds, where you can find new band members, gear and lessons.

Q?How come my band is on the site?

We at Eight Octaves want to try our best to help promote musicians in India. If your band has been featured on Eight Octaves it is purely for a journalistic purpose and to help you promote your music.

Q?How do I get my band featured on Eightoctaves.com ?

Send a message to contact@eightoctaves.com with the details of your band in the following format:





Record Label









Also Include the link to your reverbnation or soundcloud page along with a photograph of the band or album art.

Q?Who or what is the Gear Nerd ?

gn 300x300 Who or what is the Gear Nerd ?The Gear Nerd is an online community started by us to help educate everyone and provide free information about music gear and their applications.

Ask the Gear Nerd anything at all related to guitars, keyboards, drums, processors, sound, stage, etc etc etc. and your question shall be Answered!!
Here is where you post your questions – https://www.facebook.com/gearnerd
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Q?What are the services offered by Eight Octaves?

Band/ Artist Photoshoots and Portfolios
Branding – Logo Design and Artwork
Website Deisgn for Bands/Artist
Music Videos

Contact ankit.basu@eightoctaves.com for more info!

Q?I want to be a content writer for Eight Octaves. How do I apply ?

Thats awesome!
Send your resume to contact@eightoctaves.com
In the subject line type, “Content Writer Application” and we will get back to you asap!