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The Relationship Between Fashion and Music

One music and fashion for me please, on the rocks. aa a a a That’s one heady mix that fits into the proverbial Siamese twins category and creates an impact far larger than one of them, standalone. Fashion is not just for the Bollywood bandwagon, nor for just the designers, stylists and the...
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Women Who Rock – Aabha Hanjura

Having been a colleague and college junior of hers for a while, I felt quite ignorant because I didn’t know for the longest time that Aabha sang, and how! Most of the time, our conversations revolved around Kashmiri food, college and the poor road sense of everyone, but us. Her ability to take...
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Interview With Lucky Ali

It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon. I’m off from work and in the middle of an in-depth conversation with a friend on how I feel this interview may go. We both had our baseless opinions on the person we are yet to meet and whilst justifying why I used unicorn as an adjective to...
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Interview with Sanam Puri

When I grow up, I want to be a Rockstar. Back in the day, Mum would smile at the enthusiasm and say, great but you need to finish your homework first. Thus, began the little child’s endless battle with algebra while dreams of becoming a Rockstar ended with a drum roll. Rockstars were...
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Interview With Lesle Lewis

Lesle Lewis at the airport, not something we see very often in Bangalore which is why we grabbed the opportunity to get an interview with him his very successful tour for Antiquity’s Club fusion music tour. Lucky for us, Lesle, one of India’s finest composers and the man behind popular tunes such as...
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